Do NOT drink the tea!

We were sitting in the living room chatting while our youngest was playing quietly nearby with a tea set, some stuffed animals, and a few princess dolls.

“Does she always play this nicely?” My husband asked.

 “Sometimes,” I said.
Just then, as if on cue, she laid a toy cat down on its side, reached for a princess and said, “Now it’s time to find someone else to poison.”


Maybe I need to start censoring their Barbie movies!


Just to be sure, my husband pointed to the cat and asked, “Is this one dead?”


“Uh huh,” she responded and began serving tea to the princess.


Seriously?! Lock the door to your castles, Highnesses!


Williamsburg Tea Set

“Come right on over, Your Royal Highness. Oh, of course, your pets can join us as well!” (Photo credit:

Have any fellow parents out there had similar incidents with their children?

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