A fabulous idea!


This idea is so good, I wish I’d thought of it myself. Oh wait! I did! (How’s that for humility?)

So the thing is, it’s been a while since I’ve talked about my book. What book? What book?! Have you forgotten already? THIS book:

DUN-DUHHHHHH! (That was the climactic music part of the theme to 2001: A Space Odyssey. Did you hear it? Try again.

DUN-DUHHHHHH! (That was the climactic part of the theme to 2001: A Space Odyssey. Did you hear it? Try again.

Right, right, we got it, you say. So what’s this “fabulous” idea you mentioned? Why are you leaving us in suspense already?

Okay, Sparky, here’s the deal: I can send YOU or anyone on your holiday shopping list an AUTOGRAPHED copy! Think of it! Your very own book signed by an actual published author! Think of the joy! Think of the glory! Think of the increased resale value on Ebay!

Or maybe not that last part.

Do you have last-minute shopping to do, but don’t want to leave the comfort of your own home to do it? Do you need something for your wife to show her that you love her and want to learn to love her even more? (Or husband.)

Do you know people who need this book but you’re too embarrassed to give it to them outright? BRILLIANT SOLUTION! I can ship it directly to your friends! They need never even know you were involved! Like I said, BRILLIANT!

So, let’s not all flood my inbox at once, but, if you’re interested in your very own autographed copy that I can even make out to [Your Names Here] with a special message just for you, or the lucky engaged, newly married, or long-time married couple, or simply my standard, “Best wishes for life-long married love,” let me know! Either way, it’s simple yet effective!

Make a difference in the world! Show people you care and that their (and your) marriage matters!

P.S. If you know any engaged couples, plan to put a personalized copy of this book in their wedding gift bag! 😉

Email me. We’ll talk.  parentingisfunny@gmail.com



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  1. Betsy, that’s a super idea! I’ll get back to you after the New Year! Merry Christmas and once again congratulations to the published author! Keep on dancing my girl! I know I would!! 😀 Excellent book. Sharon


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