Carrie Rubin endorsed my book!


101 coverThat was the subject line of the email I just sent my husband.

Does he know who Carrie Rubin is? Of course. Do a lot of people know who Carrie Rubin is? Sure. She has loads of blog followers, regularly has over 100 comments on each of her posts, and is the author of Seneca Scourge, with another novel on the way.

Do most people know who Carrie Rubin is? Of course not. There are 7 billion people on the planet. Don’t be ridiculous.

Nevertheless, she is a bit of a celebrity to me, so I was eminently pleased to find this on the Amazon page of the book I co-wrote:

5.0 out of 5 stars Practical tips regardless of one’s religious orientation, November 20, 2013
By Carrie Rubin
Amazon Verified Purchase
This review is from: 101 Tips for a Happier Marriage: Simple Ways for Couples to Grow Closer to God and to Each Other (Paperback)

I don’t usually buy religiously oriented books, but one of the authors is a blogger I follow so I thought I’d check it out. A quick, easy read of great tips to help navigate marriage regardless of one’s religious orientation. It’s the kind of book worth revisiting from time to time since it’s easy for couples to revert back to their previous ways. The focus is on what a person can actively do to improve his/her marriage rather than expecting it to happen passively. For those marriages that are already strong, the words can help maintain that bond.

There you have it, folks. If THE Carrie Rubin said it was a great book, worth purchasing, then YOU should buy a copy too! 😉

Feel free to thank me (and Carrie) here or with a glowing endorsement on Amazon!

[Dude, I’m really starting to get good at this marketing thing! Take that, Carrie. ;)]



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  1. Oh, my, you flatter me. I’m about as well known as a turnip. 🙂 But this turnip is very grateful for the shout-out, so thank you! I really enjoyed the book. My husband’s going to read it next. I still need to put the review on Goodreads. I’m traveling now, but I have it on my list.

    Good luck with the marketing, and thank you again! I love your enthusiasm. 🙂


  2. We are new to your blog by way of mutual blogging buddy Carrie Rubin, funny enough! And yes, we know & love Carrie. She’s an amazing woman & incredible blogger. So….seeing how we know & love Carrie, we’ve added your book to our must-read! And congrats on the endorsement!!


  3. Carrie is so good at reading fellow blogger’s books and reviewing them! And if you read her last blog post, you know that if she does a good review, it’s genuine because if she doesn’t like a book, she’ll more likely not do a review at all. Hurrah, well done you!


  4. And in case it wasn’t understood before, yay and congrats from me too. Congratulations on even HAVING a book, let alone getting people to read it, and read it favorably!


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