My little lady

For no other reason, I suppose, than because she could, my adorable three-year-old stood up on her chair during dinner, lifted her dress above her head and yelled, “Underwear!!!”
Fairy – "Take the Fair Face of Woman"...

This could be my daughter in a few years, red hair, blue eyes and all. Minus the wings, of course.  – “Take the Fair Face of Woman”, by Sophie Gengembre Anderson. (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Note that there is no mention in this description of underwear.

Knowing that my girls enjoy princesses and fairy books, I figured I was doing some parenting at its finest when I told her solemnly, “Good princesses and fairies don’t show people their underwear.”

“I’m not a princess or a fairy,” she replied and lifted her dress once more.

What a little lady I’m raising! I assure you she doesn’t get that from me.

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  1. That’s a typical response of kids that age when they know you’re trying to leverage their kid ideas for your own purpose. One like that I got was when I tried to engage one on the terms of her own pretend play with a doll; she snapped back, “It’s not real!”


  2. I was shopping at Doncaster one day and then my 3 year old son said, look mommy that man is so fat. Did he eat all the chocolates? He then went up to him and asked if he had? I apologised and scurried off, embarrassed!


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