This is a story about poop


If you are still reading, then you can’t say I didn’t warn you. (Forgive me that there will be no pictures to illustrate this post.)

Ever since our youngest started using the potty many moons ago, her bowels have become a family affair. The older sisters love to see her creations, often assigning a shape and/or name. “Look, it’s an ‘L’!” Or “a snake!” Or “a G!” Once it was even called the great euphemism of “moonlight.” Your guess is as good as mine on that one.

But this one really took the … Well, you’ll see.

My husband was waiting patiently for her to do her business. It came out, … more like oozed (Ew, I know, but to help paint a picture. Ew again.) at the tail end (a pun?), leaving the effect of a squarish blob with an upright stick in the middle.

“It’s a birthday poop!” Exclaimed my daughter enthusiastically. “Happy birthday, Daddy!”

After a couple of seconds, the “candle” began to fall over.

“We have to fix it! Fix it, Daddy!”

Needless to say–I hope–he did not fix it but quickly flushed it, saying, “Uh-no.”

Every new day is an exciting one when you’re a parent, right?

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  1. Nothing like a little poo-themed artwork to bring on the excitement. Sounds like your daughter is quite the artist. Or should I say, creator? Ah yes, any sophistication we think we have vanishes the moment our children are born. One would think it might return when they’re teenagers. One would be wrong…


  2. I started laughing before the first sentence was over. Holy Moley I can just see all of that going on in my bathroom of old with our walls all decorated up with the mini pads. The thing that makes me laugh the most is it is little girls! You might have a little Poopcaso on your hands and be a millionaire some day. I just wonder if they will give out gas masks at her first showing.


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