I might as well have had boys!


My daughters are into this vast series of fairy books where the bad guy is Jack Frost. My six-year-old drew me a picture of a few fairies (sounds girly enough, right?) and of Jack Frost. As she’s explaining the picture to me she said, “This fairy is holding a pile of poop and she’s going to stick it up Jack Frost’s butt.”


English: President Reagan with Drew Barrymore ...

Is that a young, sweet, innocent Drew Barrymore or my daughter? Hard to tell the difference–aside from the fact that she’s standing with a president who is no longer living. . . Details!  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is the girl who looks like she could have been Drew Barrymore’s stand-in for E.T.

Then again, there was that tiger incident.

I’ll just say she takes after her father and consider myself absolved.

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