Stories from a Sunday School teacher


Special thanks to contributor Lena for these stories!

Injections are one of many ways to administer ...

Injections are one of many ways to administer psychiatric medication. (Photo credit: Wikipedia) That’s the actual caption that came with the picture!

1) One girl found a play doctor’s kit and started to give me “shots” with the play syringe. The other kids soon joined in, and I was being repeatedly beaten with plastic syringes. Finally, one of our boys threw his hands in the air and cried “Stop! In the name of Love!” The other kids immediately stopped. Then he came over to me and put his arm around me, saying, “I am very sorry for the inconvenience.”

2) At “circle time” we were learning about David and Goliath. A very outspoken young boy raised his hand and proceeded to tell us how David was superman and Goliath was his mom. When we asked him why his mom was Goliath, he said in a serious voice, “She’s fat and hairy and she’s been alive for a kajillion years!” We had to turn away to contain our laughter. [Poor mother!]

South polar region penguin

South polar region penguin (Photo credit: Wikipedia) A.K.A. “Pen gun.” Look out Maxwell Smart!

3) Two children were fighting over a stuffed penguin. Another student quickly ran to break up the fight, “Stop it!” she exclaimed. She took the penguin and ran to the counter, grabbing a handful of pens. She threw them in the air and exclaimed “Pen guns for everyone!”

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      • We had at children’s church the story about the wedding at Canaan. Pastor was telling them about the miracle if Jesus turning the water into wine and I could see Peyton’s wheels just a turning. When the kids went to Sunday School they had the same Bible story and her teacher asked if anyone knew about the miracle that happened that day. Peyton raised her hand and said yes, that was the day Jesus turned the water into whiskey.


  1. Oh man Betsy I would have had such a hard time keeping a straight face when the kid said “I’m sorry for the inconvenience.” Whenever my kid says something funny I do my best to take him seriously but when you hear cute phrases like these, I am just bursting with laughter inside!


    • No kidding. I feel sort of bad for them when we laugh and they don’t get the joke. What’s worse is when a kid is being bad but in such a way that’s it’s funny. This happens often at the dinner table, and my husband and I just can’t look at each other; otherwise, we’ll both start laughing.


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