Fabulous quotes from my friends’ children

- Tursiops truncatus A dolphin surfs the wake ...

Come on! I know you’re hungry! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

While watching a nature video, my two-year-old daughter began offering a goldfish cracker to a hunting dolphin and was very annoyed at getting no response.

“Num num! NUM NUM!!!”

Still nothing.

~Sara, mother of 3


Me: Why are you mad at him?
Six-year-old boy: Because he hit me in the BACK!
Three-year-old boy: No! I did NOT hit him in the back!!
Me: Then why did he say you did?
Three-year-old: (very calmly and reasonably) I did not hit him in the back. I hit him in the frooont.
(Well, then…)

~Annie, mother of 3


My two-year-old daughter, in all sweetness, asked, “Precious, you get ma blankie, peas?”

“Haha! What?! Did you just call me ‘Precious’?” I exclaimed.

My daughter paused to think for a moment then said, “GIRL! You get ma blankie!!”

~Hannah, mother of 2


English: An audio cassette tape.

Who doesn’t love a classic? (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

And now a little gem from yours truly. My husband suggested it might be time to trade in our old car for a newer, better one. I countered by pointing out that if we did that, how would we listen to our cassette tapes?

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  1. Kids are too funny and don’t even realize it.. i would love to go around and just record the different things kids say..it would be hilarious!


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  3. BETSY! There are too many gems in this post. “Precious”?! Hahaha. And yes, two years ago I finally gave up my old car with the casette player so I know how you feel!


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