This is what I grew up with, people.


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Look! Another post!

Fair warning: This post has nothing to do with children, unless you include me, as I am a child of my mother, whom this post is about. (You got all that?)

My mother was speaking recently with her friend, “Joan”, who is the editor of the local newspaper. “Joan” intends to publish a review of my mom’s book, Around the World in 80 Years, about her father’s many amazing adventures at sea.

In the course of their conversation, Joan mentioned that it’s difficult to keep reporters on staff for long periods of time because of her inability to pay them well. My mom suggested that, as Joan is married to a doctor, she could offer her employees free medical care.

“Do you know what kind of doctor my husband is?” Joan asked.

“No. . .” answered my mother.

“He’s a pathologist,” said Joan.

“[long pause] . . . You could offer them free autopsies!”

Yet another reason why I love my mother.

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