What do kids know anyway?


When my daughter was about three-years-old, we were playing in her room one morning . I had not even showered, brushed my hair, or anything.  We were sitting on the floor and hugging each other, and she looked up at me and said, “MMMooommmmyyy, I wish you were pretty!”

I sadly replied “I wish I were too.” She was so cute. How could I get mad? Now we laugh about it all the time.

Sandra, mother of 4

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  1. Yeah…we just can’t get mad at kids…like one time, a 5-6 year old student asked me a question with a very serious expression and in a serious tone: “Teacher, why are you so chubby?”

    All I could think of at that moment was “Thank God he used the word ‘Chubby’ and not “Fat”


    Thank you for sharing! Cheers~ 😀


  2. Aww…! Kids say the most honest things. My 3yo and husband were walking around one day when they apparently saw someone that looked like me. I asked my kiddo how she looked and he basically described me in my bummy clothes, messy hair and glasses. Thanks a lot lol.


  3. You are a find on my Do Gooder Summer Reading Challenge and I am so glad I discovered your blog! Here is my Parenting is Funny Moment: I took my girls to the playground just like any other day a couple months back. Josie was all over the playground, bouncing here and there and everywhere. At one point, she slowed down and her sister and I caught up to her. She turned to me and said loudly, “Mom. Look. That girl is brown.” I gulped. Turned red. And then I responded, “Yes, honey, people come in all different colors. Isn’t that wonderful? At the time, I was mortified, though now I just recognize that she was making an observation about her surrounding. It’s these kind of moments you laugh about later, but, in the moment, you need to be fast on your feet and get through the moment. Tricia, Mom of 2 Girls


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