Kids are very observant.

Biggest Butt Ever!

The caption on this photo was “Biggest Butt Ever!” That’s so rude to have taken this picture, but at least he didn’t say it out loud!

While we were living in an apartment, we didn’t know many of our neighbors, as I was one of the few stay-at-home moms around during the day.  We did come to recognize many faces, though, even though not personally acquainted.  One of these familiar faces belonged to a very heavy woman, whom my husband and three-year-old son found themselves standing behind in a grocery store check out line one fateful day. My son, who was eye level with her quite ample posterior, pointed and said, loud enough for everyone in line to hear, “Dad, is that a BIG BOTTOM?!”  My husband said he about died on the spot, and quickly shushed our boy, who had no clue he’d just committed a serious social faux pas.  The neighbor lady didn’t act as though she’d heard, so we have no idea what the fall out really was.  But we always felt awkward, ever after, when we’d cross paths at our apartments.

Amy, mother of 5

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  1. It is never in good taste to make comments about other people’s bodies and the above picture and caption is a very unkind way to “view” this woman. Notice that she is holding the hand of someone who appears to love her dearly despite “the biggest butt ever”. I give you a big thumbs down for clueless, insensitive photography and captioning..


  2. Kids do say things. I remember one time when Alisha was about four years old we were at the ball park. We were talking to a man from our church. She kept looking behind him and I knew any minute she was going to ask him where his hand went that he had lost in an accident at his job. We were just finishing our conversation and I thought we were safe when I heard her little voice say,—-Where you hand go? The man was so nice he told her he was so good at things he only needed one.


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