Lost and Found

Police Car

Sheriff to the rescue!

A county sheriff was explaining that it can take ten minutes to ten hours or more to find a lost child. He responded when a mother called saying she couldn’t find one of her children. The sheriff went to her house. She had eight children, and he could see from the doorway that the house was, in his words,ย “disheveled.” He asked if he could look around. He found

the missing child ten minutes later. Asleep. Under a pile of clothes. In the closet.

Flo, mother of 3

Bonus cute story: My three-year-old just asked if she could have “more rolly-pollies.” She meant ravioli. ๐Ÿ™‚

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      • Lucky kid! What I wouldn’t give for a hidey napping place! I’ve actually tried locking the side door and napping in the car, in the garage. Doesn’t work. Just when I get comfortable I hear a chorus of, “There’s mommy!!”.


      • Hide and seek. NO joke! Why is it that you can have the kids playing nicely, not bothering you, seemingly not even paying attention to you, but you step out of sight for ONE minute and you have just started the seeking game! And they hunt you down like bloodhounds.


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