Neat trick, Dad!

Faucet in a Japanese park

Faucet in a Japanese park (Wikipedia) That’s not water, kid.


When my son was nearing two-years-old, we decided it was time to start the process of potty training.  The first step in this procedure was the “show and tell” portion.  Well, my son decided the “show” part was pretty cool.  In fact, he thought dad had a built in faucet, and that it was a good time to “wash” his hands.  Needless to say, we had to modify this process.


Melinda, mother of 4


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  1. that’s just as bad as the full-on in your face spray we Mom’s get from baby boys when changing diapers..tee-hee!


    • Yep, once again, this is why I only have girls. The pee they occasionally get on the floor or the seat drives me nuts as it is. I can’t IMAGINE the damage three boys would do instead.
      Yes, I know, everyone reading this who has older daughters: I’ll get my payback when they’re teenagers with the mood swings and the drama. No need to remind me!


    • Haha! Lynne!

      My mother learned the hard way to make sure it is tucked in. Her first boy ended up going off like a lawn sprinkler in the middle of the grocery store. She was quite embarrassed to say the least.


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