As heard in a Kindergarten classroom, part 8


princess (Photo credit: hudsonthego)

One of my students enlisted me one recess to be her “scribe.” “Sit down, and write what I say.” I pretended to pull out a scroll, as the girl gazed off in the distance, pondering the correct wording for the message to her mother. Obviously having been enlightened, she turned to me, pointed a finger at the pretend scroll, motioning for me to write, and said, “Dear Mother,” she began, “Her royal highness would like to invite you to a girls’ tea…”



One of my boys said to me, “My mom calls me ‘sweetie’ every day, and on Sundays too.”



One boy said about his dog, “Her softness is yellow.”



One little girl had forgotten it was gym day and had worn her normal uniform. She called her mom crying, “Mom, I put on the wrong costume this morning.”



Before Thanksgiving break, I was reviewing what Thanksgiving is all about with my students. One student raised her hand and said, “Thanksgiving is all about thank-you-ing.”


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  1. This was the shot in the arm I needed today. I laughed so hard at this. Reminds me of the day our nine year old granddaughter came over and I had moved the living room furniture around after I cleaned. She said,”Nana I love how you remodeled!”


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