You Know You’ve Overstayed Your Welcome When…

Royal wave

Royal wave

I recently visited my daughter and four grandchildren, aged two to eight. When I left I went to each grandchild for a hug and kiss. When I got to the two-year-old I knelt down and hugged and kissed her. I rocked back on my heels as she gave me the royal wave of good-bye. How cute, I thought. Then she extended her little arm, pointed her finger in my face and cried, “GO!”

Flo, grandmother of 9 3/4

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    • Sometimes painfully so, yes. And sometimes they have no idea how rudely they are coming off. Thanks for stopping by, Nina! It’s good to see you in the blog world again. (Your latest is waiting for me in my inbox, I see. I’m glad you’re managing to get some on-line time!)


  1. I guess you had to be there. It was funny. She doesn’t know many words, but I guess that’s one of them. She also calls my husband Papa. That is also what she calls–since she’s being potty trained–poop. I’m sure that means something, but darn if I can figure it out.

    Flo, the grandmother of 9 3/4


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