Something fishy is going on here

Fish for sale at the Albertcoup Market, Amsterdam

“I’m not dead yet!” (A little Monty Python reference for you.)

I was in the supermarket doing some food shopping. I turned my back for a second while I picked up a cooked chicken. When I turned around my four-year-old was stroking a fresh fish on the counter.

“Why were you stroking the fish?” I asked her.

She replied, “I wanted to see if it was real.”

“Was it real?” I asked.

“No,” she answered.

“I think it was,” I said.

“No, it wasn’t because I poked it in the eye and it didn’t say, ‘Ouch!'”

-Submitted by Kate in the U.K. (Thanks, Kate!)

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      • Ha! I love that! I remember a sort of fascination with the wrapped, whole dead fish in the meat section at our town’s little store. I liked poking the eyes just to get a reaction from my little sister. Hmm. Maybe that’s why she moved out of state as an adult? Poking fish eyes and the fact that I would make her shriek when I stomped on the early Spring crocuses in the front yard.


    • Have you heard the one about the boy who confirmed that an animal was dead because he pissed in its ear? The mom said, “WHAT?” The boy replied, “You know, I leaned close to its ear and said, ‘Psst.'” Ha!


  1. I remember poking fish in the eye…though we had just caught them. Not to hurt them…I was just curious. You are right. There is something that draws you in to wanting to touch the eye of a fish!


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