Don’t read this one if you’ve just eaten.


With our fifth child, I stopped carrying a diaper bag around. I just stuff a diaper and a baggie of wipes in my purse. The problem with this is that I have only one diaper and if I use it, I sometimes forget to refill my purse before leaving again.

Well, this time we were at our cabin for the last time this summer and were eating out at a local restaurant. Andrew had eaten corn out of a can earlier that day and a lot of something else I can’t remember. We were all sitting down enjoying our burgers when Andrew ripped a loud one. For some reason I didn’t think anything of it; we just snickered a little bit and finished our meal.

After he was done, I cleaned his hands and face up and let him down. He started climbing all over the booth and got down and ran around. I started cleaning up when we were finished and was washing the booth chair because of the corn and brown stuff on it. I was trying to figure out where this came from because it wasn’t there when we sat down and we didn’t eat corn with our meal.

Our nine-year-old son was playing with the baby at this time when all of a sudden he freaked out and asked what was on his shirt. He put Andrew down, pulled his shirt up to inspect the brown blob, and ran out of the restaurant gagging and ripping his shirt off in the parking lot.

It was then that it all made sense, corn, brown blob… Andrew had a blowout. I frantically looked in my purse for a new diaper when I realized that I used it earlier in the cabin because it was closer than the bag of diapers, and I forgot to refill my purse.

We cleaned up the restaurant as well as we could and raced out of there totally embarrassed. Then we needed to figure out how to get back to the cabin without ruining Andrew’s car seat. My husband ran across the street to the gas station and bought a pack of over priced garbage bags that we lined Andrew’s car seat with.

We laughed all the way back to the cabin.

MJ, mother of 5

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  1. Gross! I had a similar experience with my oldest boy in Borders Bookstore. We were sitting in the giant squishy upholstered chairs when I noticed his was really dirty. Then I noticed he had drippy brown mud all over his shoes. Then I realized it wasn’t mud. EEEEWWWW!!! Then I realized we had no diapers. We never went to that store again.


  2. a Mom to 5 kids myself, I have some gruesome poop stories too.. Ah, parenting such a sweet venture..tee-hee 😉


  3. haha I am always scared to be in that situation, so I pack more diapers than i need for a trip away from home, and if we use the last one, as soon as it goes on, i decide its time to go home… cuz i know those situations are sooo possible!


  4. She has 5 kids and went to a restaurant – I’m impressed! I think dealing with a poop blowout without a spare diaper is probably only one of *many* adventures that family has had while out for lunch. Kudos to Dad for grabbing some garbage bags! Parenting: it’s all about thinking on your feet.

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  5. I love this!! Here is one of my stories!! Kids are so funny! ………….. I have a 17 month old who is hinting that she is ready to be potty trained Eeeeek! Maybe some of you moms are excited for this adventure of no diapers but I am thinking “Crap! Now I have to map out a bathroom everywhere we go and carry a potty seat!” I am imagining accidents all over the place like when potty training my Chihuahua Chica. Sophie has slowly been squatting in corners here lately and knowing when to get a new diaper and so I have caught on. I bought some pull ups, some little panties, and an Elmo Potty book all over the course of the past few months. I just purchased a special potty last week that has Minnie Mouse all over it, which she loves, so I am mentally getting there, I think. However the potty is wrapped up for “Santa” to bring her on Christmas, but I might need to open it early. I say that because of the picture above. I know it’s a silly picture, but the truth behind it is just stomach binding…to me anyways. We were in the floor playing until she pauses and turns and squats… I knew what was happening but the fact that she did it in front of me without going to her little hiding spots was a sure sign that I needed to do something. All I could do was say “eww wait Soph what are you doing.. OMG GROSS!” So I decided to text my mom the picture capturing this moment : “Sophie needed to take a shit, classy moment of the day”.. as I am texting she runs off which she does and goes to the changing table to wait for me.. I’m on my way until then it happened.. she runs out and her pants are down and the diaper is off and she is holding it and saying “Yay” clap clap clap and poop was flying everywhere! I wanted to scream! But I was so stunned that I was just like omg bath now!! It took a total of 30 seconds for such a disaster to happen! Moral of the day: We survived and yes I am planning to potty train VERY SOON. I’m sure more adventures will come.


    • That’s awesome that she’s so eager. And, yes, that is a nasty story. Well done. I hate hate hate potty training. I hope you have better luck with it than I’ve had in the past. Sounds like your kiddo will be much easier, however, then mine were.


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