More funny things kids say

"The Kids"

I’ve never heard of this show, but it looks like it would be funny. (Assuming it’s a show?)


Here’s a mishmash of some great lines from children:


“Wooo! It’s stinky in here!” -Lucy, four-years-old, after pooping on the potty.


Also Lucy: “My lips are wiggly.” Me: “Why are they wiggly?” L: “Because they’re sticking out.” Me: “Why are they sticking out?” L: “Because they’re getting old.” Overhearing too many of her parents’ conversations, perhaps?


I gave each of my three girls, ages six, four, and 19 months, a little hot chocolate. The oldest said, “It doesn’t taste very good to me, but the kids like it.”


We were watching something live on the computer. My seven-year-old asked, “Can you fast forward it?” And then later, “I’m hungry. Can you pause it for me?” She clearly wasn’t comprehending the meaning of “live.”


-Betsy, mother of 3




Me – “Sarah, what are you doing with all those Oreo Crunch Yogurts?”
Sarah (9) – ‘Labeling them ‘Property of Sarah – Do Not Touch’
Sarah also gave me her Christmas wish list. First item – “a NICE cell phone….not one off e-bay.”
-Anne, mother of 7


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  1. J, pointing to Alaska, “This is where the indians used to live.”
    Me, “Yes, some. Indians actually used to live all over America. We kicked them out and took their land.”
    J, “Then we told them if they didn’t leave, we’d throw apples at their face. So they moved.”
    I was laughing too hard to fix it.


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