She must have boys

The Kid's Table

The Kid’s Table (Photo credit: Michael Bentley)

The conversation at the lunch table today:
“T is for toot.”
“F is for fart.”
“P is for poop.”

“B is for butt.”

A sophisticated bunch, we are not. But my three-year-old is catching on to phonics. Always look for the blessing, right?
-Trish, mother of 3

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  1. As a mom of boys also, we have quite a few conversations that are fart/poop related. Yesterday, the dudes were coming up with names for puppies. My youngest said, “Let’s name one Fred Alan Roger Tim.” I said that is way too long of a name. He replied and said, “Don’t ya get it, Mom? It is the letters in fart!” I am so proud…


    • Haha! It’s almost as if he was ready for you to say it was too long and eager to simply abbreviate it for you. You must sigh a lot. My girls like to say poop often. It bugs me, and I just don’t get it. They’re girls! But, I have to admit, when the two-year-old says it in a small voice, it’s extremely cute, and I can’t help but smile. Shame on me!


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