What’s that SMELL?!

English: (Re)construction of a dinosaur from t...

(Re)construction of a dinosaur from the bones of a rabbit. Perhaps Eddie should have tried rabbit bones?

Since my mother forbid me to continue digging in the yard for dinosaur bones, I hatched a plan to construct my own dinosaur skeleton.

After weeks of saving and hoarding, my mother followed her nose to my bottom dresser drawer where she discovered my collection of chicken bones from dinners past. Thenceforth, my paleontological plans to discover a new breed of dinosaur were thwarted once and for all!

-Eddie, former child genius


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      • Actually nothing too horrendous. Mostly dirty dishes and stinky socks. Although years ago, when my youngest was four years old, I couldn’t figure out what happened to all his underwear. They kept disappearing. Then one day, I was foraging around in his closet and had discovered that he was tossing them all behind his toy box and not the hamper located conveniently in his closet! When I asked him about it, he completely denied he had put them there. I guess it was the underwear fairies…


  1. This story reminded me of my daughter Katie when she was about 7 or 8. She brought me a baby bunny from the field and wanted us to take care of it. I said it was already dead so there was nothing we could do. Several weeks later I smelled something bad and proceeded to check out every place in the kitchen. I looked in the children’s kitchen cabinet and found the dead bunny nicely laid out. Who can fathom the mind of children sometimes?
    Mary, mother of 8


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