Hide the scissors!

A 15 year old Golden Retriever dog, unusually ...

You don’t want to see the other side of me.

When my two youngest were two and three-years-old, I walked in from doing something in the other room for only five minutes! I opened the trash can to throw something in and saw lots and lots and lots of hair. Turns out my three-year-old had been busy giving free haircuts: one to the entire top of his sister’s head and the other to the entire side of our Golden Retriever that she wasn’t laying on. I had to laugh and surrender to complete humiliation every time we went out for the next six months as it grew out.

-Lori, mother of 5

When I once made the mistake of falling asleep while my children were awake, my two and a half-year-old gave my one-year-old daughter a very short haircut.

A year later I was bathing my infant when the oldest gave her little sister an even shorter haircut.

-Alicia, mother of 4

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  1. That’s happened here šŸ™‚ Our four-year-old decided to play hairdresser while I was changing the baby — much to the chagrin of her five-year-old sister! When I asked the elder why she didn’t simply get up and walk away when her sister approached her with scissors, her reply was, “Because I was afraid she’d miss and cut off my ear!” Cheers, m’dear! –Kelly


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