And then there’s my second daughter

A macro photo of a cluster of sweet pea flowers.

A macro photo of a cluster of sweet pea flowers. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I recently shared a cute story about my oldest here (and probably in multiple other posts on this blog), but last night my second child, the five-year-old, did a couple of things worth sharing. The first is cute. The second is, well, see for yourself.

After tucking L. into her bed last night, I bid my final farewell from the doorway. “Good night, Sweet Pea,” I said.

“Mom, what’s your favorite kind of fruit,” she suddenly asked me.

“Uuum… Probably strawberries,” I responded, somewhat puzzled.

“Okay, then, good night Sweet Strawberry.”

The other incident took place shortly before this, while I was reading her a bedtime story. I noticed her finger was doing some digging, so I told her to stop picking her nose. She complied, saying, “Okay. I pushed the snot back in.”

Who’s lost their appetites for strawberries now?

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  1. Clever little gal, and what an endearing expression to treasure.
    As for the digging: I made my grandson some flannel pjs. “Mom never has to wash these,” he told me. “Why not?” I asked. “Because I don’t wipe my boogers on these ones.”
    I love how your little stories that you share bring back memories to me.


  2. That is hilarious… I have a DeafBlind son that does some real funny things… you can read about some on our blog… but one I have not shared yet is when he put his dishes away where they are supposed to go… only problem is they were not washed yet… I took a photo and will be adding it to my post…

    thanks for sharing πŸ™‚


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