Black Friday Bliss


Right now you’re thinking, “You’re kidding me, right? How can shopping on the craziest consumer holiday of the year be blissful?” Did I find fantastic unbelievable deals? Not really. Where the stores and parking lots miraculously near-empty just for me? Hardly. Did my husband and I get to buy Christmas presents for our children without them being in tow? Bingo!

Christmas shopping at Hansa shopping center in...

We dropped the kids off at their aunt and uncle’s house for three glorious hours as we bought princesses, a princess bike, a princess helmet, princesses, art supplies, princesses, a couple of games, and, oh yes, a princess book. (Did I mention we have three young girls?)

So, with everything safely hidden in the trunk of our car, we collected our children after their fun-filled time with their cousins. All was well. We had pulled off our Christmas coup until later in the day my perceptive seven-year-old asked, “Did you go Christmas shopping for us?”

I tried to deflect slyly by saying, “Maybe.”

She looked at me for a moment and said, “Can you not remember?”

Totally busted.

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  1. I bet the best part of that experience was…when a kid screamed, it wasn’t yours! Now that is blissful. I greatly dislike it when you are giving your kid a piggy back ride, laughing and playing happily, and set them down for a second so your back does not go into spasms–they throw themselves on the floor and scream (because they are a two year old) as though you just threw them there…and someone walks by and gives you a dirty look. COME ON! Three seconds ago she was happy and we were laughing….Moral of the story: A picture does not the story tell.


  2. Kids are perceptive that’s for sure.. having 4 girls we were always on Princess or Barbie overload until the boy came along then hallelujah, trucks!!!


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