The poor guy never saw it coming


Clue (Photo credit: Kernuac)

When I was putting away a few of the girls’ toys, I accidentally dropped  Colonel Mustard into the bag of dinosaurs. When I tried to pull him back out, he shifted down to the bottom. Even after dumping out the bag, I  couldn’t find him. I guess it was too late for him. Colonel Mustard, in  the toy bag, by a dinosaur.

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  1. I am sure there is a joke somewhere in there about a dinosaur…his food…and mustard….it eludes me. Fitting for this post. I will keep looking.


  2. Oh how I loved this post!When my two oldest Brooke and Jared were little they used to play this game ALL the time.Every time Brooke would turn her head Jared would cheat and look at the cards.After a few minutes he would try to answer and he always got it wrong.Seems he forgot what he cheated to look at.I would laugh so hard listening to them.That was twenty years ago and last year Jared had to have his large intestine removed do to a terrible illness and when we hauled him home to recouperate over came Brooke toteing,you guessed it,the game of Clue.I love my kids!


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