On second thought, YOU can check



Lucas goes airborne while washing hands

Someone’s good kid washing his hands.


My four-year-old doesn’t always take the time to wash her hands after using the bathroom. Because of this, we began asking to smell her hands when she returned. Our  scented soap made it obvious with one sniff whether or not her hands were clean.


One night when I asked, she didn’t just hold her hand out an inch or two from my nose, as she normally did. This time she put one hand on my cheek and the other up against my nostrils. Then she said, with a big smile, “Nope. I forgot,” before running back to the bathroom.


I followed her in order to wash my face.


Paul, father of 3


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  1. Oh, my. Just what are they thinking when they do stuff like this? “Let me see…I haven’t pee’ed on the floor, picked my nose and wiped it on dad’s shirt, taken anything of my parents and rolled it in dirt, or licked anybody…I think I will not wash my hands and then touch my dad’s face. Yep, that should do it for today!”
    It has got to be something like that.


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