Grandparents do the funniest things

A Tau Emerald (Hemicordulia tau) dragonfly in ...

A Tau Emerald dragonfly in flight (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

At my grandson’s birthday party there were about a dozen kids watching him open presents. One of our presents was in a stationery box filled with cotton from jewelry boxes. Laid nicely on top of the cotton was a dragon fly that had flown into the car and died on the dashboard. The 12 kids were all leaning over and staring and oohing and aahing. It was so satisfying.

We have a second one that died in the car, that we’re going to give our other grandson for Christmas. I love recycling, don’t you?

Flo, mother of 3, grandmother of 9

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  1. I have often thought of getting a large box for my kids for a present. Just a box. Nothing in it. Or maybe just large sheet of bubble wrap in the large box. I mean, that is all they play with anyway! Not the $100 toy inside.


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