One difference between moms and kids


Kids are funny, like, all the time. Moms are funny some of the time. The fundamental difference, of course, is that moms usually know when they’re being funny. They’re actually doing it ON PURPOSE. Kids don’t usually laugh at something they say or do until they notice you’re laughing. Then their laugh is something like, “Eh-he-he. I don’t know what’s funny, but it must have been something I did. Just go along with it so they think you did it on purpose. Eh-he-he.”

Case in point of a funny mom: Defining Motherhood graciously nominated me for a Leibster Award. Hardee-har-har. That’s not the funny part. According to the “rules” I’m supposed to answer 11 questions, pose 11 more, and do some other stuff. Okay, so here’s the good part: Defining Motherhood’s answers were fabulous. I can’t compete, so I’m simply going to cheat by copying hers below.

  1. Do you like hot wings?  Not unless they are made of tofu.
  2. Do you like vodka?  Not particularly.
  3. What do you think about moonwalks?  I liked it when Michael Jackson did it.
  4. What do you think about combining a moonwalk with hot wings and vodka?   Sounds like a frat party.
  5. Who would clean up the mess?  The nearest mommy, I suppose. 
  6. How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?  Wood is not for throwing.  If the woodchuck needed something to throw, I would get him a ball.
  7. What if the woodchuck wouldn’t chuck wood, but he *would* chuck vodka? See #6
  8. Or hot wings?  See #6.
  9. Or both vodka and hot wings?  See #6.
  10. On a moonwalk?   I feel reasonably confident that  NASA would not hire a      drunk, carnivorous woodchuck with impulse control issues. 
  11. Who would clean up *that* mess?  The nearest mommy.  It’s always the nearest mommy.

So true, DM. So true.

Now, DM kindly told me I can follow or skip the rules, if I want to. Ehh, I think I’ll choose the latter. If you want to see what you’re missing out on, find the rules here. But I’m not avoiding the nominating of other awards part, because that’s just good karma. Or at least it would be if I believed in karma.

In no particular order, except the order that they came to mind:

Belly Button Blues (my first real blog friend)

Future Flying Saucers


iGame Mom

A Life Less Scripted

I’m going to stop at five because I figure that way there’s less of a chance people will be disappointed for not being nominated. “Well, she did ONLY pick five.” I’m thankful and appreciative of all my fellow blogging friends.

And now, so as not to completely spoil it for my chosen nominees, I will pose the pseudo-required 11 questions, so that you can have fun with them on your own blogs.

1. What was the best vacation you ever took?

2. If you’re married, for how long?

3. What is your favorite movie of all time?

4. Favorite book?

5. Favorite song? (or several, if you just can’t decide)

6. What age do you think is the ultimate best age to be?

7. My gosh, I have to come up with 11 of these? This one’s a freebie.

8. If you could have any exotic animal for a pet, which would you choose?

9. Would you rather travel to the moon, Atlantis, or the Bermuda Triangle?

10. (Almost there!) Just how many cats in one house would you say is too many? [Please note: I do not have ANY cats except the four kittens on my mousepad which helped me come up with this question.]

11. How much do you love Downton Abbey?

Okay, friends. Have at it. And happy Tuesday.

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  1. I wish you’d share more of your writing with us. This was so funny–the difference between the humor of mom and kids.


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  3. Now I have to have to make one mention of your answers….I have been in contact with the woodchuck and he is very sorry about his recent behavior. He is currently in C.A (Chuck-holics Anonymous)

    I know according to post number 11 it is expected that the mommy will clean up the messes but since he is now a member of C.A he is responsible for his own mess! He also has to apologize to the mommy and clean up all previous messes again! He also has to buy her a drink and treat her to a night on the town (I think C.A. might be a really good program for our resident woodchuck…what do you think?)



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