The conversation that went down while I was in the shower

English: A .

Not a child’s toy.

Seven-year-old, G: Mom, L [four-years-old] has the tape again, and she’s trying to hide the picture she’s making from you so you won’t see it and know she’s using the tape.
Me: Please take the tape away from her. She knows she’s not supposed to have it.
(Several minutes later) G: Mom, L took the tape again, even though I told her not to. And she told me not to tell you.
L from the other room: Don’t tell Mom!
G: When she tells me not to tell you, I will tell you.
Me (almost finished showering): I’ll handle L.
G: And I will help you handle L!

Fellow parents: How do you balance the desire to be informed of your child’s misdeeds with not wanting your other child to be a tattle tale? And my daughter, clearly, takes tattling to a whole new level. Advice?

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  1. I’m not in the tattling phase yet, but I’ve heard that it’s generally not a good thing to encourage. That the tattler is just as guilty as the tattled because it’s sort of similar to gossip.

    I suppose I would handle the general situation first, but to also tell the tattler that it’s not her place to be the parent.


  2. Tattling is not allowed at our house unless it’s a safety/danger issue. Both get same consequence regardless of whodunnit (unless I witness the crime). Doesn’t take long to squelch the tattling after that!


  3. I told my kids only tattle on the other if it involved dying, maiming or being mean to others.. My middle daughter clearly missed that speech because she gets the Tattle award!! 🙂


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