The real nightmare

Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping Beauty (Photo credit: alfromelkhorn)

My four-year-old went through a phase of crying out in the middle of the night because of bad dreams. I got accustomed to the routine of getting out of bed in just  my pajama shorts, and sitting in the rocking chair with her until she calmed down.

One night when I heard her calling, I got out of bed, went to her room, picked her up, and just as I was about to sit down with her in the chair she said, “Daddy, could you please put a shirt on?”

Apparently not everyone appreciates a hairy chest.

Paul, father of 3

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  1. LOL…I just don’t understand that…just because a man has a little hair on his chest they get grief from their 3-year-old. I guess though it just comes with the nature of having children. One evening when I was giving my 3 year-old son a goodnight kiss he told me it hurt. Needless to say it was because I hadn’t shaved. He wanted me to go shave then so he could get a “soft” kiss goodnight. I tried to explain to him someday he would have the same problem….he laughed at me and said no that wasn’t going to happen……sigh



  2. Haha this is funny. When we were taking a baby class, the instructor was saying how much newborns love skin to skin contact. She said it in such a funny way, like “skiiiin-to-skiiiin.” So of course here goes my husband who, whenever he has shirt off, chases after our little guy going “skiiin-to-skiiiin” and wanting to smother him with his chest haha.


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