How noisy do I have to get, folks?


Crying alien baby Deutsch: Heulendes Alienbaby

The two-year-old was complaining about something in the other room while my husband was telling me about something important that had happened at work that day. We were both fully prepared to just go on ignoring her until she came into the room to be sure that we could bear the full brunt of her futile protesting. She got too loud for us to hear each other speak. (Oh, come on, parents. You’ve never ignored your child’s complaints?) Then finally my husband yelled, “Hey, I’m talking!” To which she replied, “Well, I’m crying!”

She had us there.

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  1. Lol…. I think crying trumps talking. Although it is funny she could take the time to mention she was crying if it was that bad…. Lol


    • Truly. We knew it wasn’t that bad. You know how as parents you can tell the degree of seriousness based on the tone of the cry? I think she couldn’t reach a toy or something. We were both hoping her older sister would step up. No such luck. But it was cute!


  2. Just last night, my almost 2 year old son was throwing a tantrum (because we wouldn’t let him put a coin in his mouth) and so he wailed on the floor. We let him have his space for five minutes to get his frustration out and 5 minutes later he ran to the bedroom and whimpered to me, “Mama, I’m sad… am I ok? I need ice cream…”

    What???? Haha.


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