Flattery will get you nowhere


Publicity photo of Betty Compson from Stars of...

My four-year-old held my face a few inches from her own and observed, “Brown hair, brown eyes, big nose.”

Thanks, kid.

Bonus Story!:

I gave my seven-year-old her next spelling word then walked out of the room. I then heard her say, “What was the word again?” I called back, “Shopping.” The above mentioned four-year-old then ran into the room, bright-eyed, saying, “Shopping?!”

Such a girl!

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  1. Tact is so hard to teach. First you teach them to tell the truth…then you have to teach them to not always say what is true. At least it was you instead of your best friend.


  2. LOL!!! Xander did something similar recently. My wife was leaned into the refrigerator getting things out of the crisper. Xander came up behind her and patted her on the butt and said, “momma big butt!” I of course was maintaining composure and not laughing, She asked him to repeat that and he patted himself on the butt and said “me have little butt….momma has big butt!” (he has since done this same thing to me several times)


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