Being a stay-at-home mom is so easy


When my husband came home from work, he wanted our seven-year-old daughter to hop on his lap. She said, “No, I want to sit with Mommy.” So I explained to her, “You should sit with your dad. He doesn’t get to see you as often as I do because he has to work during the day.” She replied, “That’s true. Daddy works all day, and you rest all day.”

Hardee har har, thought I.

Claire, mother of 5

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  2. Out of the mouths of babe’s. It’s amazing how quickly they forget who is the one that actually gets their lunch and so forth… Lol


      • I try to have a good sense of humor about everything myself. Life is to short not to laugh and laugh a lot. I love to come here, since I found your site, just to see what other funny things kids say and do. It makes me feel better knowing my son isn’t the only one!


      • You’re right. Keeping a sense of humor and knowing you are not alone is what this blog is all about. Have you read the semi-inappropriate intro?


  3. Haha! It’s funny how kids perceive things. Growing up I didn’t really understand all the work my mom (took care of 2 kids & worked full time) did until I got much older.. and now with a kiddo of my own, I REALLY have insight into what she went thru!


    • You’re right. Kids are the ones who have it so easy. Play, eat, sleep, play. There is that pesky clean up time that they always complain about, and the occasional veggie that seems unappetizing, but on the whole, I’m jealous of them! ๐Ÿ˜‰


      • Yeah, we keep telling Avery that he’s got the life…. he sleeps 10 hours a night, gets to take naps, his meals are prepared and fed to him, his baths are drawn, oh and his ‘job’ is to play all day!


      • So true. We just have to try to enjoy that through our children every once in a while. Just sitting and watching them play is rather refreshing, I’ve found, actually. When we mothers have the time to do such a thing!


      • haha yes! Avery is usually playing with something at my feet while I do dishes, cook, etc… .but it’s nice on the weekend when I have time to sit and play WITH him… he amazes me with everything he does and I gotta stop and enjoy it more!


      • Oh, yes, your son is truly at a fun age. It’s so amazing to watch them do all of their “firsts”: step, word, etc. Do enjoy it!


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