I’m being overwhelmed with awards! But in a good way.


This has been a busy week of awards flying around the blogosphere. I’m glad I waited to do anything about it, because now I can take care of them in one fell swoop. First things first, my thanks to Oster’s Mom for the Tell Me About Yourself Award and memyselfandkids for the Sunshine Award and the One Lovely Blog Award.

Normally I make a point to casually slide around the requirement of sharing information about myself and just move on to the dispensing of nominations for other blogs, but, given the title of that first award, I feel I must comply with the requirement. Okay. Eat your heart out, people. Here are my seven “interesting” facts:

1. One of my favorite things ever is trying to get a joke out but laughing so hard before I get to the punch line I can’t breathe, and my friends are crying with laughter themselves even though they don’t get the joke. Ah, good times.

2. Although I’m ashamed to admit it, I laugh hardest at humor that involves cruelty to animals–it’s all fake, okay! But in Raising Arizona I nearly died when the bounty hunter shot a lizard off a rock and threw a grenade at a rabbit. I am an animal lover, but I’m cracking up about it even now.

3. Red and Die Hard 4 are two of my all-time favorite movies. I ought to be kicked out of the girl club, I know.

4. If I had been born when my parents were, I would have had a hard time not becoming a hippie. I love the music.

5. If I could purchase one completely superfluous luxury item, it would be an original Ford Mustang. (My gosh, I really am a boy!)

6. I can’t count. (I think I stole that little joke from bellybuttonblues.)

Okay, now that that’s over, here are some cool peeps, in no particular order:






karenlessscripted who also nominated me for a Sunshine Award. Thank you!!

Go visit these blogs and tell them you love them. We bloggers thrive on virtual love from people we will likely never meet.

Have a great weekend, all!

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    • I saw a Chevrolet Bel Air in the Costco parking lot today. My husband was kind enough to drive around it for me so I could get a closer look. (It was in the back of the lot.) And now I have decided I’ve changed my mind from the Mustang to one of those. The license plate said 1957. The fins were too cool. Anyway, thought of you! πŸ˜‰


      • Nice choice! The Bel Airs are pretty sweet. I also make my husband drive around a muscle car if we see one. Sometimes I ask him to drive around a lot if there’s a car show and I can’t get out of the car.

        Thanks for thinking of me. I’m hoping to get to a car show this weekend or next. I’ll keep you posted!


      • I’m so glad that you mentioned car shows. I have never been to one. I just crane my neck whenever I see one on the road. I’ll have to google to find one nearby. Thanks for the tip!


  1. Congratulations on your award!

    Being a hippie is a state of mind…if you think you are all about peace and love then you are! I am an older stay-at-home dad at 42 (age is just a number though). We only have one child and I was born at the very tail end of the 60’s (December 69). I wonder if that would qualify me to be a hippie or just a love child of the 60’s? I will need to put more thought into this now. I am going to get out my lava lamp, put on my tie dye shirt and possibly my Nehru jacket to mediate on it. πŸ™‚


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  5. R.E.D. is a great movie!

    Corvettes, Mustangs, T-Birds, Impalas, Stingrays…the 50’s and 60’s were heaven! Girls love tuff cars, too, you know.


    • Awh, Ginny, no fair. That’s not helping me not wish I was born in an earlier era!
      And thanks for agreeing with me about the movie. πŸ™‚ For the record, my mother is the one who turned me on to it.


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