Justification for allowing weeds in one’s yard



This kind of cuteness:

My four-year-old was blowing dandelion seeds and making wishes: “I wish the car would be pink (blow . . .), I wish everyone would know God (blow. . .), I wish there would be more of these to blow.” That last one will come true for sure!

-Susannah, mother of 2

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  1. Our yard is more dandelion and clover than grass. I’m sure it drives my neighbor, Mr. Perfectly-green-lawn, nearly out of his mind when he catches my kids and me sitting in our happy, colorful little meadow blowing dandeion seeds all over the neighborhood and making wishes. But it’s just so much fun! LOL. 🙂


  2. And those “flowers” are so hard to get out by the roots…they always come back. Wish my grass would be as resistant to death. Why is it that grass is the sickly runt of the plant family?


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