Reader Appreciation–And I truly appreciate MY readers


Coffeepoweredmom, who is super funny and often refreshingly light (when she’s added cream and sugar), nominated me for this award.

Thank you. It’s rather pretty, and I’m glad you appreciate reading my blog. I have all the crazy children featured herein to thank for that.

Now for the sharing of the love:

I’d like to thank all the people who read my blog.  About three times a week someone discovers my blog, apparently for the first time, and reads about 50 posts in a row. I think that’s cool. I also think those people ought to save themselves some time and trouble and just hit the “follow” button already. And, to the person or people who DAILY find my blog by using the search terms “boys peeing,” please stop.

And now I bequeath this award to the following bloggers:

sleeping should be easy I’d like to think that by now I know everything about raising young children, or at least that I ought to, but this lady reminds me that I don’t. In fact, I think maybe she does. She offers great advice about it at any rate.

And then there’s this lady:

My Toddler Peed In The Fridge I just discovered her this morning. The title alone made me an appreciative reader. I think she and I are kindred spirits like Anne-with-an-e and Diana.

And finally, mandyholbert because she shares stories of fun, adventurous country living: chickens, goats, and all. I love it and am a little bit jealous by it.

Now I’m supposed to answer a bunch of silly questions about myself. Instead, here’s a little vignette that just happened: Me to the big girls: “Please don’t make a mess in Elise’s room.” Oldest: “Why not?” Me: “Because you make a mess in every other room, so why not leave one clean?” Them: “Oooooohhhhh!” So they moved all their toys to this room and are now bugging me. Smooth move, Mom.

Have a great weekend, everyone!


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  1. Hi Betsy–
    I’m following two of your award winners (because of seeing them on your blog) and now I checked out the other, and, oh my! Is your head itching too?


  2. And now the kids are bugging you! Oh so funny. What is it about kids being attracted to a busy parent like a fly to a light. You want to play with your kids and they run away. You sit down to relax and read an article and they suddenly decide you are Mt. Everest and you must be climbed upon.


  3. Huh. You would think, “boys peeing” would have sent them to “My Toddler Peed in the Fridge.” Go figure. Someone found me today by Googling, “chubby girl naked sex.” I don’t even want to know why my blog came up for that?!?!


  4. Betsy, you rock! Thanks so much 🙂 On another note, I think we bloggers should make a list of all the strange search topics we get. I get some of the strangest one. Some are pretty funny, others downright disturbing!


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