Something from the concession stand?

Day 16 - Cap'n Crunch Berries Cereal

Day 16 – Cap’n Crunch Berries Cereal (Photo credit: ohdearbarb)

When our oldest boy was two, we had time to watch movies.  We would put one in and turn the lights down. While we watched, he would play nearby.  One evening, as we were on the couch and our son was playing, something different happened.  As many parents probably know, with kids there is sometimes cereal on the floor.  This time there happened to be a Captain Crunch type. My son walked over and held out his hand, and, being the good dad I try to be, I accepted the crunch berries from him and didn’t think anything of it.  That is, until I realized the crunch berries were squishy. This prompted pausing the movie and turning on the light to find that the ‘berries’ were turdlets that had come from his fallen-off diaper.  To this day I look first at what is being offered to me.

Timothy, father of 3

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    • I don’t think anybody actually had the displeasure of tasting it, fortunately.
      Thanks for stopping by! I never have time for ironing either. It’s definitely among my least-favorite chores!


  1. Ew! But hilarious! We had an equally squishy moment this weekend. We went to Target to get goodies for our little guy, then to the grocery store. When we got there my hubby said he smelt something (which means, Mom check the diaper). So I took the little guy outta the carseat in the parking lot and just pulled open the back of the diaper to see. I didn’t need to see anything. My fingers had dipped into something squishy. So, we had an impromptu diaper change in the back of the car in the parking lot. But that wasn’t the hard part – it was getting the squishy stuff out from under my nails without a sink right there… fun fun!


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