Just keep your keen observations to yourself, kid.

Found pug

Found pug (Photo credit: nerdygirl)

I was trying rings on at a store when I observed to my husband sadly, “I have such bony fingers.” Truly, they look like skin stretched over bone and then all wrinkly around the joints like pug dogs.

My seven-year-old daughter put her hand out next to mine and said, “My fingers aren’t bony. Mine are nice because I’m still young.” Then she pranced away merrily.

She could at least have left out the word “still.”

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    • Working hands sounds much nicer. It’s a shame I never learned to play the piano since most my life people have been telling me I have good fingers for that. They’ve said it to my daughter too. I should tell her, “Beware. These hands will be yours one day. You know, when you’re not still young!”


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  2. Hahaha, that’s great. Ally says to me all the time that he knuckles aren’t as ‘big’ as mine. I tell her that it’s because I crack my knuckles and she should never do that. That’s right, I’m trying to jam lessons in there with my apparent flaws!
    Fantastic blog, this one will definitely be making appearances in my morning coffee-reading.


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