Only at Walmart

A boneca de 10 mil reis do Dr Hollywood

A boneca de 10 mil reis do Dr Hollywood (Photo credit: Capitu)

After a night out with friends, I let my children stay up late because I still needed to drive the babysitter home. On the way back, we were about to pass a Walmart, when I remembered that we were going to a little girl’s birthday party the next day. If I didn’t stop in now, I wouldn’t have time to pick up a gift in the morning. Unfortunately, two of the kids were in pajamas and the third was wearing a swim suit! None of them had shoes on. I couldn’t bring them in with me in that state, nor could I leave them in the car. After rifling under a seat, my oldest son found a pair of shoes he could wear. Good. I could send him in alone. The next dilemma, however, was that he wouldn’t be able to use my credit card, and all I had in my wallet was a $100 bill. And so it was that I sent my nine-year-old son into Walmart at 9p.m. in his alligator pajamas to purchase a Hollywood Barbie with a $100 bill. He said people looked at him and smiled. -Janet, widowed mother of 3

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