Thanks for the award, Belly Button Blues


Since joining the blogging community several months ago, I have discovered this subculture of society that I never before knew existed. There’s this whole network of people who write down their life experiences and deepest thoughts and emotions for all the world to see, and for fellow bloggers to ratify with likes and shares and tweets and, of course, comments, while obsessively checking their hits multiple times daily. Who knew? [I suspect that for mom bloggers like myself, blogging is a way to reach out to other adults and have conversations that involve proper grammar and have nothing to do with Barney or poop.]

A part of this community is a phenomena of sharing awards. I’ve seen them on several of the blogs I now follow. The awards have names like the Versatile Blogger Award, the 7 x 7 Blog Award, the ABC blog award. I really don’t know what they  mean. I wonder if anyone does. They’ve become a badge of honor on these various blogs, and as they’ve been passed around back and forth like chain letters, I wondered when this new kid on the block would get hers.

Well, it’s finally happened. Thanks to my new virtual friend, Belly Button Blues, I have received a blog award. She received three at once, it appears, and is distributing them all just as generously. Savvy bloggers have certificate-type pictures of their awards on their blogs. I only know how to write and post, so you’ll have to go here to see how nifty these awards look. Or, if I’ve enthralled you too much to click away, you can take my word for it. But, as is a stipulation for acceptance of blog awards, I must insist genuinely that you check out my benefactress’ blog here. Belly Button Blues is undoubtedly a good writer. Her style reminds me of Jack Kerouac, and I hope she’s a fan of his and so realizes I mean that as high praise.

Since I’ve trained my readers to have short attention spans, I’ll leave for another post the obligatory personal items about myself, as mandated by the mysterious blog award creators. Stay tuned.

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