If you don’t have anything nice to say…

When I was a young girl growing up in Europe, my dad  instructed me not to talk about people when they were present, but I could talk privately about someone after we got home. So one day when I saw an unusual-looking woman on the train, I turned to my father and said, in a conspiratorial tone, yet probably still loud enough for the woman to hear,“Daddy, we’ll talk about her later.”
Madeleine, former child

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    • No joke, Feisty. When I was on a train in Europe with a friend during our college days, a woman across from us yawned, revealing her extreme lack of teeth. My friend and I were so sleep-deprived that we started laughing uncontrollably. We tried to cover it by looking and pointing at our train tickets as though they were the most amusing things in the world. The woman quickly got off at the next stop. We felt horrible!


      • LOL, wow, that’s awkward. But I do know the feeling, when something strikes you as very funny at the expense of someone else, and you’re trying to hide it…. real laughter is rather difficult to contain!


      • No joke. It’s just too bad that we were so tired. I wish we could have told her that we didn’t really mean to laugh at her misfortune, and wouldn’t have under better circumstances!


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