How to tell if you’re a mom, Part 1


The two most hateful, fearful, and odious words in the English language are: potty training.

Even though you’re not on TV or in a movie, you sometimes hear yourself saying, “It’s quiet….Tooooo quiet.”

You own teeny tiny band-aids that would be utterly useless on any adult wound.

You are re-learning Algebra.

You hear a baby cry and your boobs leak.

When  you get cold in public, you’re thankful you’re wearing nursing pads.

There are 5,000 animals in your home, many of them missing eyes and noses.

There are certain daylight hours when you dare not vacuum.

You can sing along to the themes of Dora, Thomas the Tank Engine, and Barney.

Your favorite band is The Wiggles.

You can tell someone how to get to Sesame Street.


Can you think of more ways to prove that you’re a mom? Share them in the comments below. 🙂

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