This one wins the “Arg!” award


I had just finished two loads of the kids’ laundry and put it all neatly away, as well as organizing the soon-to-be-born’s clothes in the drawers. I hate laundry, and it was a huge accomplishment for me to have it all done and organized. Not five minutes after leaving their tidy dresser behind to work on lunch, my three-year-old told me that the two-year-old took the clothes out of the drawers. I was thinking the bottom drawer and wasn’t too concerned, but I walked into the room to find every stitch of clothing in a big heap in the middle of the room. My son had climbed up even in the higher drawers and taken everything out. I wanted to scream! -Kimberly, mother of 2

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  1. Reminds me of the time – my mother told me — that I emptied a gallon of molasses over myself and followed it with a box of corn flakes . . .motherhood is a never-ending adventure, isn’t it?


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