Now I understand the reasoning behind toilet locks


When Ben was a toddler, he liked to splash the water in the toilet bowl. Luckily, the rest of the kids knew to flush EVERY TIME they used the bathroom. When one of the kids would catch Ben splashing, they would call out, “MOM, Ben’s in the toilet again!” At which point, I would walk to the bathroom, scoop Ben up, wash his hands with soap in the sink, and redirect his attention.

One day, my oldest hollered from the bathroom, “MOM, Ben’s in the toilet!” I replied, “Could you please get him away and wash his hands?” She answered, “No, Mom. He’s IN the toilet!” Sure enough, there was Ben, sitting calmly in the bowl. Only his upper body, clad in his pj’s, protruded above the rim. His expression was serene and somewhat puzzled, like “What’s the problem?” -Leslie, mother of 4

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