Parental Manipulation, 101


When my two-year-old daughter was throwing a fit, I took hold of her and looked her in the eyes, saying, “You WILL talk to Mommy nicely.”

With no hesitation, she got three inches from my face, tilted her head to the side and said, “I so cute, Mommy!”

I almost spit in her face from my knee-jerk laughter. So much for making a point and teaching her a lesson. –Trish, mother of 3

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  1. Too cute! My daughter is turning 3 this week….They are full of all kinds of wonder, words, excitement, temper, laughter, etc. They definitely keep us on our toes!

    My favorite is: “why, why, why, why”. I was so frustrated and did not want to say “because I told you so” I had to consult with her teacher. Her montessori teacher told me to say “I already told you”. Now my daughter is “because, because, because” after each answer.

    Thanks for joining our group!


  2. I have a friend who while pregnant with her third child told us this funny story! She had just explained that the baby in her tummy has fluid all around him and it’s like the baby is swimming in water. Her 5 year old son was looking at her intently, turned and looked at her bottom and said, “so, mom, if the the baby is swimming in your tummy, is that the deep end?!”


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