Jesus speaks to little children


When my daughter was about four, I was telling her that while we were in church everyone needs to be extra quiet. When we are, Jesus can talk to us in our hearts. And if we are quiet, we can hear Him.  She said, “Okay, Mommy,” and about a minute later she said, “Oh Mommy, I hear him.”  I said, “Really? What is He saying?”

She looked up at the cross above the altar and said, “Um, He said, ‘Get me down from this cross!!!'”  I laughed OUT LOUD! Good thing we weren’t sitting near anyone else.

Sandra, mother of 4

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  1. Too funny, I love it. Just before exiting the minivan, when our kids were little, we always used to remind our 5 kids to be reverent in mass. Once when I thought one of the boys wasn’t really listening, to reassure myself I asked him what reverent mean? He spoke right up in a sure voice and told me, “Mommy, reverent means you get a donut after church!” Touche’


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