When nature calls….


When we were trying to potty train our third, he was having a hard time with number two on the potty. He would actually hold it in until he was constipated, unless I would put a diaper on him and let him do his thing.

We weren’t sure what we were going to do about this until one summer day he comes in the house all proud and tells me he just pooped. Since he was wearing underwear and was just outside, I asked him where. He pointed to the wide open front yard. I had him take me outside and show me, so I could clean up after him. It was right at the edge of our lawn in plain view of all our neighbors.

All I could do was laugh and wonder how many of our neighbors saw. A couple days later I found out one did see him out there and was wondering what he was up to. We had a good laugh, and our son hasn’t had any problems since.

MJ, mother of 5

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  1. The other night our daughter, who’s 11, and I saw a sappy commercial on tv for diamond rings. It was where a couple are moving into a new house with boxes all over the place and the woman looks around, kind of overwhelmed, and says ‘Where do we start?’. The man brings out a diamond ring box and says ‘How about here?’.

    I made a comment about how romantic that was and our daughter, walking away from me says as matter of factly as possible, ‘Only on tv Mom. It’s not reality.’

    MJ, mother of 5


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