Definitely monkey business


When I was raising children in the ’40s, back before the invention of children’s carseats, it was okay to leave your kids in the car unattended. In the middle of a lengthy road trip, my wife and I decided to let the kids eat the road rations; we were going to stop at a restaurant for dinner. So we found a nice place, and watched the kids play in the station wagon from the restaurant window.

We couldn’t believe our luck. The children appeared to be very happy and having a great time together in the car. No fighting, no biting, and not once did one of us need to go outside to discipline. We enjoyed our meal leisurely.

Not until we returned to the car did the deep regret set in. What had kept the children so amused for so long was that one of them had a soiled his diaper, and so they entertained themselves smearing the diaper’s contents all…over…the car!

Harry, father of four

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