Earth to mom: I’m right here!


My husband and I were making our way out of church one day when we lost a child. Well, I lost a child. Well, I THOUGHT I lost a child.

We had three kids at the time. I was carrying the diaper bag and my purse. My arms were full and there was a child on either side of me. My husband had already made his way across the church and to the door. But where was the baby? I didn’t dare move from my spot, so I was forced to yell after him.

“Dave, where’s the baby?!”

“You have him,” he called back.

I looked around in a real panic now. One…two… where was the third little head? “No I don’t! Where’s the baby?!”

My husband, with a slightly exasperated expression, yelled back across the room full of people, many of whom were our friends, “Check your hip.”

I felt very foolish.

Ginny, mother of 4

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