I think he missed something in class that day.


“Have you and Dad ever had sex?” my 12-year-old son asked me in the car one day. I just about drove off the road.

“You know that’s how kids are made, right?” I said.


“So how do you think we got you?”

“Oh, right.” Then he launched into a slew of questions that apparently weren’t answered in his health class. I had told him he could ask as many questions as he wanted, but soon had to cut him off when the questions got into “Where do you do it? In your bed?” and went down hill from there. His bedroom was next to ours, so I imagined him sitting in bed at night, ears peeled, listening for any sound.

“Mom, Dad, what are you guys doing in there?”

“Nothing, thanks to you!” I would yell back.

And the birds and the bees discussion was over.

Christine, mother of 6

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