No use crying over spilled milk.


I was at the grocery store picking up a few things when I felt my milk coming, in fact, I was engorged.  I didn’t realize until I got up to pay for the items, that I had leaked. I had two large wet circles on my blouse. I am fairly well blessed on top as it is, but when I’m nursing, I get huge. I looked like a contestant in a wet T-shirt contest!  Thank God it was a woman at the check out stand.

Kathy, mother of 5

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  1. So, this is something I have to look forward to come February…we’re expecting baby #1 (boy!) then…and I’ve been hearing about the importance of breast pads?…though I don’t even know how to begin to purchase those…


    • Jessica, congratulations! As far as nursing pads go, I recommend the purple Lansinoh box at the beginning, when your milk is really heavy. After a while, when it slows down some, Johnson & Johnson is the best bang for your buck. I, personally, have not had luck with the washable and reusable pads until I’m hardly nursing any more at all, and even then they still sometimes leak. Best of luck to you!


  2. Just be sure to only wear them in public and then at home let your nipples breath and get some air, even if that means you leak on your shirts repeatedly. Wearing those nursing pads save your shirts but can easily allow for moisture to sit on your nipples too long and give you (and baby) Thrush.


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